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This multi-functional wipes dispenser is the perfect accessory for any Office, Foyer, Studio or Lobby. It is User Friendly for Emplyees and Guests to Disinfect any surface with the included is one 800 - 6"x 9"sheets EPA Registered Zoom Disinfecting Wipes. Made of High Quality, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel and includs a 7 gallon trash can. The sleek and stylish floor stand dispenser has an improved nozzle for hassle free wipe dispensing. With a stylish stainless finish that blends seamlessly in any setting, this dual-use sanitizer and waste station is perfect for commercial or personal use. Product Specifications:  36.22”(h) x 12.6”(d) Built-In Trash Can, 7 Gallon Plastic Trash Bucket. The included Zoom Wipes have a shelf life of 12-18 months after opening.

ZOOM WIPES EPA REG #6836-313-87932

Stainless Steel- Disinfectant Wipes Floor Dispenser With INCLUDED 800ct Roll.

SKU: SkySSFloorStand-2
$329.99 Regular Price
$314.99Sale Price
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  • 36.22”(h) x 12.6”(d) Built-In Trash Can, 7 Gallon Plastic Trash Bucket 

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