This multi-functional wipes dispenser is the perfect accessory for any Office, Foyer, Studio or Lobby. It is User Friendly for Emplyees and Guests to Disinfect any surface with the included 800 - 6"x 9 " EPA Registered Zoom Disinfecting Wipes. Made of High Quality Stainless Steel with the included 7 gallon trash can. The sleek and stylish floor stand dispenser has an improved nozzle for hassle free wipe dispensing. With a stylish silver finish that blends seamlessly in any setting, this dual-use sanitizer and waste station is perfect for commercial or personal use. Product Specifications:  36.22”(h) x 12.6”(d) Built-In Trash Can, 7 Gallon Plastic Trash Bucket. The included Zoom Wipes have a shelf life of 12-18 months after opening.

ZOOM WIPES EPA REG #6836-313-87932

Stainless Steel- Disinfectant Wipes Floor Dispenser With INCLUDED 800ct Roll.

SKU: SkySSFloorStand-2
  • 36.22”(h) x 12.6”(d) Built-In Trash Can, 7 Gallon Plastic Trash Bucket